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To funciton well, it is importante to set the device precisely to the inside diameter of the drilling tube. Block then the setting with a lock nut.

The good function of this device depense exclusively on a accurate fitting.


The JCS<>Stop is a device to hold back the cored section of the diamond drillling tube. It is used in the drilling of concrete slabs and walls.


The rawlplug used must be able to hold back the weight of the spoil. The center axle (threaded rod) must be blocked on the futur spoil with a lock nut.


The center of the axle (threaded rod) must keep sufficient space between the top of the device and the lock nut (about 2-5 cm).


To remove the JCR<>Stop and its cored section (spoil) you simply have to:

A) unscrew the cutting tub from the drill

B) Introduce a rod into the head of the cutting tube, push out the device and the spoil from the cutting tubeor remove the threaded rod with a sprocket spanner.

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