TriPode - Circular Saw


A spectacular, Swiss invention and unique in Europe, the circular saw with a diameter of 2 to 3 meters and the possibility to be extended to

other plants.


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ˇ Can be mounted hydraulically or pneumatically.

ˇ Can work with two saws.

ˇ Only one box for the rotation and the saw.

ˇ Ensured and tested circular motion.

ˇ Depth of cut from 0 to 50 cm.

ˇ Can be used for other purposes, not only sawing.

ˇ Penstocks.

ˇ Supply lines.

ˇ Small tunnel.

ˇ Each circular element with

ˇ 2-3 m diameter.

ˇ Round or rectangular galleries.

ˇ Adaptable 2-3 m diameter.

ˇ Easy to set up and transport.

ˇ Compact.

ˇ Quick to assemble and dismantle.

ˇ While working, easy to move through removables casters

ˇ Easy to use